Due to the current pandemic situation, our coaching sessions currently take place mainly online or by phone. Should coaching sessions take place in person, we will adhere to the 2G+ and/or 3G+ rules. Thank you for your understanding

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Sponsored Coaching in English (with AVGS voucher)

What is AVGS Coaching?

In order to position yourself well professionally or to reorient yourself, the employment agency or the job center supports individual and professional coaching with the activation and placement voucher – AVGS for short. With the coaching measure, you receive support from certified training providers such as SEQUOYA in your professional (re)orientation, in the acquisition of new professional knowledge or in the application process.

The activation and placement voucher – AVGS voucher for short – enables free and individual coaching and paves the way to a new, professional future. Heike Sohna

Heike Sohna advises on the phone about AVGS-Coaching in English

Who can apply for an AVGS voucher?

The target group for the Activation and Placement Voucher – AVGS Voucher includes the following individuals: 

Coach covers soft skills on flipchart
  • Jobseekers (also not benefit recipients)
  • Employees who have already been dismissed but are still working for the company
  • People who are at risk of unemployment
  • Employees in transfer companies
  • Temporary employees whose contract has three months to run
  • University graduates
  • Parents at the end of parental leave

In the next section, you will find out what goals or types of AVGS coaching there are and which measure best suits your individual situation.

What are the goals of AVGS Coaching?

The overarching goal of this measure is (re)integration into the labor market. As a certified provider, SEQUOYA offers you the following AVGS coaching courses.

Introduction to the training and labor market as well as identification, reduction or elimination of placement obstacles

Job Coaching with AVGS voucher

Stabilization of an employment start

Onboarding Coaching with AVGS voucher

Introduction to self-employment

Start-up Coaching with AVGS voucher

Advantages of AVGS Coaching.

The process for AVGS coaching consists of seven phases. We are happy to accompany you every step of the way – from applying for the coaching voucher to successful completion

100% funding by cost bearer. These are the employment agency, job center and pension provider.

Free preliminary discussion directly with the coach

Individual one-on-one coaching by demonstrably qualified coaches with many years of expertise in the areas of career, human resources , team and leadership development, business start-up.

During the coaching process the coach is the permanent contact person

Free choice of coach or the possibility to work with several coaches

Free choice of coaching form (on-site and/or online/telephone)

Multilingual offering in German, English, Italian and Spanish

Internal customer portal with a variety of exercises and worksheets as well as learning videos for independent work

SEQUOYA newsfeed with relevant information about the labor market

Established cooperation network with key players on the labor market – especially in Berlin

One contact person for all administrative questions

For whom is which AVGS Coaching suitable?

The situations and needs of our AVGS customers can vary greatly from person to person. Fortunately, a suitable solution can be found for each person.

An employee is threatened with unemployment and wants to find a new job quickly.

➞ We recommend: Job Coaching with AVGS

An executive is stuck in his job, sees no career prospects and now wants to found a start-up.

➞ We recommend: Start-up Coaching with AVGS

A graduate has completed her studies and is unable to find entry into the desired industry.

➞ We recommend: Job Coaching with AVGS

A job seeker has already sent out 100 applications, but still hasn’t received a promise of a job.

➞ We recommend: Job Coaching with AVGS

A new employee starts her new job, but is afraid she won’t be up to the new challenges and won’t pass the probationary period.

➞ We recommend: Onboarding Coaching with AVGS

An academic is overwhelmed in his current job. He has been lacking motivation and the meaning of the job for a long time. He wants a new direction and help in finding a new career goal.

➞ We recommend: Job Coaching with AVGS

A humanities graduate studied political science and has worked in the event sector as a project manager in recent years. Now he would like to pick up where he left off.

➞ We recommend: Job Coaching with AVGS

How does AVGS coaching work?

The process for AVGS coaching consists of seven phases. We are happy to accompany you every step of the way – from applying for the coaching voucher to successful completion

AVGS coaching process (7 steps)

Step 1: Personal interview with your employment agent

Ask your contact person at the employment agency or job center about AVGS coaching. Explain how AVGS coaching will help you with your (re)integration into working life.

Step 2: Receive your activation & placement voucher

Your employment agent will offer to issue an AVGS for the coaching measure. As a customer, you then have the option of looking for a provider that is a good fit for you.

Step 3: Find suitable providers & offers for your AVGS coaching

You, as the customer, search the Internet and/or your network to find a provider that offers the experience, qualifications and formats that match your needs and meet the requirements of the AVGS.

Step 3: Contact the measure carrier (coaching agency)

Non-binding preliminary consultation of the customer with a coach at the selected provider and, if interested, issuing of an offer for the employment agency/job center.

Step 5: Application for & approval of AVGS coaching

Preparation of the coaching contract with the selected measure provider. The final approval of the measure is made by the employment agency or the job center.

Step 6: Start & execution of the coaching process

The coaching starts with discussing the contents and the course of the coaching units according to the specifications and your concerns. We plan these with you individually and according to your needs.

Step 7: Completion of the coaching process

You will receive your certificate of participation and, if necessary, a recommendation for qualification options or continuation of the coaching. The financial processing is handled by your measure provider in direct contact with the employment agency or the job center.

What types of AVGS coaching does SEQUOYA offer?

Job & Application Coaching


Our job coaching offers you support in professional orientation and (re-)entry into professional life. Preparing and accompanying the application process can also be part of career coaching.

  • Professional (re)orientation
  • Potential analysis
  • Career prospects
  • Application strategy
  • Application documents
  • Job interviews
Job Coaching in English (AVGS)

Measure number: 962/181/19

Onboarding Coaching

During onboarding coaching, we are your professional partner for all questions, concerns and fears with regard to the new challenges and your new role.

  • New work environment and tasks
  • Integration into the team
  • Understanding the corporate culture
  • Zeit­management und Work-Life-Balance
  • Professional skills and potentials
  • Support with personal problems
Onboarding Coaching in English (AVGS)

Measure number: 962/425/21

Start-up coaching

The start-up coaching provides the necessary skills for successful self-employment. We accompany you professionally during a concrete start-up process, so that you can comprehensively build up your entrepreneurial existence.

  • Accompaniment through the foundation phases
  • Founder personality and business idea
  • Legal basics, insurance and taxes
  • Market and target group analysis
  • Market strategy and sales
  • Concept development and business plan
Job Coaching in English (AVGS)

Measure number: 962/161/21

Why AVGS Coaching at SEQUOYA?

SEQUOYA stands for a professionally sound and equally practice-oriented coaching offer and has many years of experience: more than 2000 AVGS coaching sessions with 48% successful placement in the training and labor market and above-average customer satisfaction.

In order to meet our own standards and to act professionally, we regularly continue our education and conduct intervision sessions and in-house training in our team.

We are a team of experienced consulting, coaching and training professionals with different thematic focuses, working on the basis of shared values and driven by the joy of seeing change become reality.

We rely on cooperation and have a large network with relevant actors in the labor market.

We work nationwide (not only in Berlin) with the Employment Agency.

What our AVGS customers say.

The experiences of our AVGS coaching customers

Heike Sohna is a warm, empathic, humorous, absolutely professional, experienced and seasoned coach whom I recommend without reservation.

Janina Hantke AVGS Coaching Berlin

Janina Hantke

My coaching with an AVGS voucher was really a great experience. Matthias Härter understood how to address my individual situation and provide me with optimal support in questions of career reorientation, application training and work-life balance.

Erik Schiller AVGS-Coaching Berlin

Erik Schiller

Very competent and empathetic. No sooner did I have revised documents than I got a job as I wanted it, as ordered. I can highly recommend!

Thomas Gutsche AVGS-Coaching Berlin

Thomas Gutsche

Get in touch with us right away.

Do you want to apply for AVGS coaching and need more information? You already have an AVGS for the individual coaching measure and would like to get to know SEQUOYA in a non-binding preliminary meeting? You would like to start an AVGS financed coaching at SEQUOYA?

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030 26 58 58 40

Frequently asked questions.

Is AVGS coaching really free of charge?

The costs for the AVGS coaching are covered 100% by the cost units (employment agency or job center, pension provider).

Can I get advice on AVGS coaching?

We will be happy to advise you before the start of an AVGS coaching session. This takes place in the context of a free and non-binding preliminary meeting. In this meeting, we will answer all your questions and describe the usual procedure of an AVGS coaching. Contact us by e-mail, phone or via our website and you will receive an appointment proposal for your preliminary meeting within 24 hours.

How do I apply for an activation and placement voucher?

Talk to your employment agency about your current professional situation and development opportunities through coaching. We will be happy to support you in applying for coaching with an individual offer and are also available to answer any questions your employment agency may have over the phone.

Can AVGS coaching be applied for and take place despite the current Corona situation?

Yes, as a certified provider, we offer AVGS coaching in various forms, such as online, by phone and in person. Of course, we carefully adhere to all prescribed hygiene measures.

How long is an AVGS voucher valid?

AVGS vouchers are limited in time. The duration of validity is determined by your employment agency. The voucher is valid as long as the period printed on the voucher specifies. This means that the coaching should have started within this period – but it does not have to be completed within this period.

How much time will the AVGS coaching take?

The coaching sessions have different durations depending on the measure and the objective. As a rule, it is 1-6 months. The coaching sessions are divided into teaching units (45 minutes each) and have, for example, a maximum scope of 48 units for start-up coaching and 40 units for job coaching. This figure also includes the preparation and follow-up time. The time budget made available to you for the coaching is usually distributed over 1-3 appointments per week.

What happens if I find a job during coaching?

Once you have achieved your goal and signed a contract for a suitable job, we will talk to your* employment agency to see if we can use the outstanding coaching sessions to stabilize the employment relationship during the probationary period.

How often can I apply for an AVGS voucher?

An AVGS for the coaching measure can be issued or extended several times depending on requirements. This requires an individual agreement or approval from your employment agency.

I already have an AVGS. What do I do with it now?

Now you can search for a suitable institution with the appropriate coaching measure via Internet research and/or recommendations from your network. These should correspond to the specifications described on the AVGS. In most cases, you will find information there about the goal of the measure, the maximum duration and the region in which the coaching is to take place. In addition, the provider or coach should offer the experience, qualifications and formats that are suitable for your needs. To help you make a decision, we offer you a free and non-binding preliminary meeting or advise you by telephone.

Can AVGS coaching take place online?

Yes, AVGS coaching can also take place online. It is also possible to switch between on-site appointments in Berlin and online appointments during the ongoing coaching process. You arrange this individually with your coach.

Can I choose my own coach for AVGS coaching?

Of course, you can freely choose your*n coach depending on availability or also change during the coaching process. We are also happy to support you in the selection of a coach suitable for your concerns.

Can I get to know my coach before the coaching?

Yes, we offer the opportunity to get to know your coach in a non-binding preliminary meeting. In this way, you can formulate your coaching request and see if there is a personal fit. Organizational questions can also be clarified directly with the coach.

How does the billing of my AVGS coaching work?

After presentation of the AVGS, we invoice the coaching services performed directly with the employment agency or job center. There are no costs for you and you do not need to take care of any formalities.

Can I cancel my coaching?

The chemistry between coach and coachee must be right and success should come. If you find a job right away, you can always quit. If you are not satisfied with the coach, you can change the coach.

What is an approval?

An approval is a formal letter that you and we receive after we have filled out the voucher and sent it to the cost unit (Agentur für Arbeit/Job Center).