Due to the current pandemic situation, our coaching sessions currently take place mainly online or by phone. Should coaching sessions take place in person, we will adhere to the 2G+ and/or 3G+ rules. Thank you for your understanding

Onboarding Coaching (with AVGS voucher)

Successful through the trial period.

Onboarding coaching accompanies you successfully through the trial period!


The introductory marathon is over – now a new job begins and for many also a new phase of life combined with the feeling of being “back in safe waters”. Before that, however, the probationary period has to be mastered: new tasks, new colleagues, new processes, unwritten laws and much more.

The trial period is a mutual examination and “sniffing” and many people find it exhausting or stressful. With our certified onboarding coaching, you have professional support available so that you can get through this challenging time well and successfully.

The topics in onboarding coaching can be divided into individual focal points.

Finish with the past:Free your mind for something new, deal with negative experiences, pacify old grudges and conflicts.

Selbstbewusste Frau die ihren Weg geht

Shaping the new job, really arriving in the new team and mastering possible obstacles.

portrait of successful business team working in office

Recognize stress and actively tackle it.

young tired businessman having stress at work

Together on the road to success.

We are only satisfied if you are too!
We work in a goal-oriented manner and adapt our methods to your individual needs. The honest opinion of our completed AVGS coachees helps us to continuously improve our offers.

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Goals of onboarding coaching.

Onboarding Coaching with SEQUOYA

In four steps to your onboarding coaching.

We support you from start to finish. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Step 1

The requirement

Your signed employment contract

Step 2

The AVGS voucher

If you get an AVGS voucher from the employment agency / job center, coaching is free of charge for you.

Step 3

The location of coaching

The coaching takes place face to face in our consulting rooms, directly at your workplace, in video conferences or by telephone.

Step 4

Content of the coaching

We will determine the exact content together depending on your personal needs and your agreement with the insurance provider.

Master your trial periodWe are happy to accompany you.