Due to the current pandemic situation, our coaching sessions currently take place mainly online or by phone. Should coaching sessions take place in person, we will adhere to the 2G+ and/or 3G+ rules. Thank you for your understanding

Professional Coaching For Expats

Individual coaching, application advice and language training for Expats.

Our offers for expats and everyone who wants to gain a professional foothold in Germany are diverse and can be combined according to your needs.

Individual application strategy

In a new cultural environment, finding just the right job, academic course or apprenticeship is not easy. Your coach will discuss your current situation on the job market with you, or help you decide which type of training you may wish to undertake. Together you will define your professional goals and discover how you can achieve them.

Optimization of your application documents

Which standards have to be met when submitting application documents in Germany? We can support and guide you through the application process. Learn how to avoid formal mistakes and make yourself a winning candidate in the eyes of your prospective employer.

Get your qualifications recognised

Have you obtained qualifications that have not yet been recognised in Germany? We can help you find the right institutions to contact and initiate the “Gleich­wertig­keits­prüfung” (equivalence test) according to the “Anerkennungsgesetz” (legal recognition of qualifications).

Be prepared for your job interviews

Do you have an interview coming up in German? We can help you prepare for the interview and the questions you may expect in a relevant and effective way.

Inspiration when planning your career

Coaching strengthens you in your next career steps. You will receive information and valuable insight into alternative professions, further education and training courses as well as about current job vacancies.

Strengthening your key competencies

Become aware of your strengths and potential and discover how to use your skills and abilities professionally. Your coach will support with your professional challenges and your strategic aims when entering the German labour market.

Learning vocational German

You will learn to use your knowledge of German confidently and practice job-related situations in a systematic manner. We will work together when preparing for professional or academic examinations.

Expat Coaching via AVGS voucher.

The costs for the coaching sessions can be billed to the “Agentur für Arbeit” (employment agency) as an ongoing entry using the “Aktivierungs- & Vermittlungsgutschein” (activation & placement voucher).

Further information can be found here in the PDF with information on the SEQUOYA career advice for expats.

Arrive professionally step by step

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