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Change Management.

Support change – discover solutions

SEQUOYA supports managers, teams or the entire organization in change management in companies – depending on requirements. A neutral perspective and structured processes are often the key to change processes in order to explore problems, develop solutions and achieve results more quickly. SEQUOYA offers space for learning, thinking and freedom – gladly in our office in Berlin Kreuzberg or at your company location.

Organizational development topics

With organizational consulting, we want to enable companies to use change processes to gain more personal responsibility, the ability to act and make decisions.

We can pursue the following topics in these emerging learning, thinking and action spaces:

  • How can successful communication structures be established and optimized to ensure a better flow of information?
  • How can the working atmosphere be promoted and an effective we-feeling created?
  • How can mistakes be used to learn from?
  • How can a feedback culture be developed in which performance is recognized and critical feedback offers opportunities for change?
  • How can mutual appreciation, trust and an open culture of discussion be (further) promoted?
  • How do multinational constellations succeed and how can the resources available here be worked out and used?
  • How can cooperation between the levels and areas be more successful and how can distances be reduced?
  • How can conflicts be overcome and everyone's ability to deal with conflict improved?
  • How can the performance, i.e. Skills, motivation, health and flexibility of all employees are retained and professional ideas are linked to the requirements of the organization?

We support your organizational development as moderators, coaches, advisors or impulses. Our methods are diverse. In addition to group and various moderation methods, resource-oriented work is widely used. Methods that help to model structures or processes, such as business games, organizational constellations and future scenarios, have also proven themselves.

Executive Coaching.

Managers are exposed to a variety of challenges and are often the focus of different interests. That is why the development of executives is one of the most important levers for a high-performing company.

Individual coaching is a particularly effective form of leadership development. In the course of the coaching process, different topics can be worked on, which are individually tailored to the challenges and questions of the manager.

The aim is for managers to carry out their management and leadership tasks professionally, with energy and joy, and to assume their role model role. The coach is a sparring partner at eye level, who guides the process methodically and effectively supports personal and professional development.

Our management program is tailored to your needs and focused, depending on your needs, on the following topics:

The increasing agility of companies is also changing the role of managers. Our approaches in coaching are suitable for classic, hybrid and largely agile forms of business.


Teams learn through self-reflection and feedback.

Team effectiveness can be hampered by tension and unresolved conflicts. When team members try to exclude feelings and everything personal from work, the team spirit and the joy of work and performance are often impaired.

What is supervision?

Supervision is a regulated form of counseling and is a work, task and solution-oriented reflection aid. It is a collegial counseling method and should enable a constructive exchange between colleagues. In supervision, problematic experiences, stressful experiences, difficult or conflicting situations can be discussed and different perspectives can be exchanged with regard to possible solutions.

Examples of important questions

In our mix of methods, we control the cognitive as well as the emotional and physical level of people, because the conscious change has been proven to lead to sustainable learning, which is also applied in everyday life. Resource- and solution-oriented consulting methods as well as proven tools are used.

Intercultural Competence in practical training.

Change management & team development for international workforces

Today teams are often based in different countries and intercultural skills are required for smooth collaboration.

Multinational constellations are on the one hand a valuable resource, on the other hand a challenge for productivity. Therefore, those involved need intercultural communication and action skills.

We offer tailor-made intercultural training for your company. These can be booked as in-house training, an open seminar program, individual support or coaching.

Focus Topics

Organizational advice in the funding program

SEQUOYA is certified as a process consultant within the framework of the support program unternehmensWert: Mensch. The program is aimed at small and medium-sized companies with the aim of preparing companies for the changes in the world of work and demographic change. The program focuses on four areas of focus: personnel management, equal opportunities, health and (digital) knowledge & competence. Further information and funding criteria can be found in the flyer unternehmensWert:Mensch.

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