Due to the current pandemic situation, our coaching sessions currently take place mainly online or by phone. Should coaching sessions take place in person, we will adhere to the 2G+ and/or 3G+ rules. Thank you for your understanding

Matthias Nitschack


As the son of German parents, Matthias Nitschack grew up in Latin America. The experience of uniting different cultures shapes both his open mindset and his striving for authenticity and independence. Back in Germany, he studies philosophy and historical anthropology in Freiburg. His interest in people and different cultures leads him to longer stays abroad and to training as an intercultural trainer. He then deepened his knowledge in training as a systemic coach and gestalt therapist in Hamburg.

His solution-oriented way of working is characterized by appreciation and active listening. Through this basic attitude and the focus on resources, established patterns can be overcome in the consultation and new dynamics can be initiated. His focus is on accompanying change processes, conflict mediation and resource activation in teams, relationships and in the personal setting.

Matthias Nitschak


  • Masters Degree in Philosophy & amp; Anthropology
  • Systemic Gestalt therapist
  • Adventure educator
  • Intercultural trainer


English, German, Spanish

Focus areas

Decision and goal settingSelf-strengthening, reflection, resources and potentialStress, self and time managementSupport with professional orientationWork-live-body-mind balance