Due to the current pandemic situation, our coaching sessions currently take place mainly online or by phone. Should coaching sessions take place in person, we will adhere to the 2G+ and/or 3G+ rules. Thank you for your understanding

Job coaching with AVGS - in Berlin and online

Our AVGS coaching offers you support in professional reorientation and accompanies you through the application process. The appointments can take place in Berlin or nationwide as online coaching. Find out more in a free initial consultation without obligation!

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Our AVGS coaching: certified and supported

Are you looking for work or threatened by unemployment? With our customized coaching for professional reorientation, we support you in your (re-)entry into professional life. You can choose your AVGS coach from our team.

AVGS coaching can be 100% subsidized by the employment agency. SEQUOYA is certified as an agency for this measure and we will advise you on how to obtain the AVGS voucher (activation and placement voucher) required for this.

After the AVGS job coaching, we will gladly continue to accompany you in one of our success teams – either during the job search or during the probationary period of your new job.

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New career start thanks to AVGS coaching online and in Berlin

Whether in online coaching or as a coaching session in Berlin – our AVGS coaching supports you in the phase of professional reorientation. With experienced and empathetic coaches at your side, you as a coachee set out on the path to a job that suits you and that you enjoy.

  • Wir erarbeiten gemeinsam realistische berufliche Perspektiven und stärken im Jobcoaching Ihr berufliches Selbstbewusstsein. Insbesondere Hochschulabsolventen zweifeln oft an ihren Fähigkeiten.
  • Ihr Coach unterstützt Sie im Umgang mit Blockaden, im Stressmanagement und bei der Entscheidungsfindung.
  • Unsere Coaches berücksichtigen Ihre individuellen Kompetenzen, Berufserfahrungen und Qualifikationen.
  • Ihr Coach geht auf Ihre ganz individuellen Wünsche ein. Vielleicht entwickelt sich eine Geschäftsidee für eine Selbstständigkeit? Für eine Existenzgründung aus der Arbeitslosigkeit heraus empfehlen wir unser Gründungscoaching. Das Existenzgründercoaching kann ebenfalls von er Arbeitsagentur gefördert werden. Dabei arbeiten Sie an einem Businessplan für Ihr Gründungsvorhaben und bekommen eine Gründungsberatung.

What happens in AVGS Coaching online or in Berlin?

Our coaches accompany you in your professional future and help you to take a new perspective for the next career step. With our coaching you can reorient yourself.

  • Gemeinsam analysieren wir Ihre bisherigen Bewerbungen, immer mit Blick auf den Arbeitsmarkt.
  • Wir helfen Ihnen, aussagefähigen Bewerbungsunterlagen für Ihre Arbeitssuche zu erstellen.
  • Im Coaching überarbeiten Sie Ihre beruflich relevanten Social-Media-Profile, zum Beispiel bei LinkedIn oder Xing und entdecken, wie modernes berufliches Networking Spaß machen kann.
  • Wir coachen Sie zum Selbstmarketing und entwickeln mit Ihnen in Einzelcoachings passende Bewerbungsstrategien für den nächsten Traumjob.
  • Durch unser Coaching wissen Sie, wie Sie in Bewerbungsgesprächen andere von sich überzeugen – sei es ein persönliches Treffen oder ein virtuelles.

AVGS-Coaching online or in Berlin: in 4 steps to the goal

We support you from start to finish. In dialog, we focus on your personal situation and accompany you professionally in AVGS individual coaching – on-site in Berlin or nationwide as a virtual meeting. You can find more information about the process on our AVGS coaching page.

Step 1

Apply for your voucher.

Step 2

In the initial meeting we will plan your coaching and you can choose your:n coach.

Step 3

This is where we start the active coaching.

Step 4

We do that for you!

Please contact us

You arrange a free preliminary meeting with us via contact form, telephone or e-mail. We will get to know each other, you will tell us about your concerns and we will go through together how you can apply for and receive coaching from us. We help you through the bureaucratic jungle and are available for further questions.

Heike Sohna, owner of SEQUOYA
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Consultation with employment agency or job center

The employment agency/job center will advise you on the conditions and requirements under which funding for coaching is possible. If you meet the requirements, you can receive your personal activation and placement voucher (AVGS). The AVGS coaching is a free individual coaching. You can find more information about the AVGS on the online pages of the Employment Agency.

Flyer Job-Coaching with AVGS

Das AVGS Coaching startet

Job coaching can take place in Berlin or online, regardless of where you live. At the beginning, we discuss, among other things, the schedule of the coaching. We plan the individual sessions so that they fit in well with your everyday life. You come to our coaching rooms for this or you can participate in the coaching online from home. The dates of an AVGS coaching session can be spread over up to three months. The goal is to get you back into work - with a job that suits you and your skills.

Your advantages with SEQUOYA

  • Individuelles Coaching mit persönlicher Betreuung auch zwischen den Sitzungen.
  • Sie erhalten Zugang zu unseren exklusiven, internen Coaching-Tools mit zahlreichen Übungen, Einschätzungsbögen und nützlichen Hinweisen.
  • Nach dem AVGS-Coaching begleiten wir Sie in Ihrer neuen Lebensphase weiter in unseren Erfolgsteams.
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The AVGS Coaching ends - we take care of the billing

After provision of the activation and placement voucher (AVGS), we settle directly with the employment agency/job center. So you do not need to worry about any formalities.

Feedback from customers

What our customers say about their job coaching with an activation and placement voucher (AVGS)

Fresh look at my work situation
I was with Mrs. Sohna for job coaching with AVGS and had a total of four appointments. This individual and efficient professional coaching at eye level was and is very enriching for my work as a freelancer.
S. Pollinger
Graduated graphic designer
Inspirational, sorting, with a large number of different techniques
My job coaching at Eleonor Grafenthin was a complete success for me. Inspirational, sorting, with a large number of different techniques and very lovingly, she accompanied me to take on different perspectives and to find and go a new professional path. Thank you very much for accompanying me, dear Eleonor, and many thanks to Sequoyah, a really nice place with very attractive rooms
Christina Gundelwein
Optimal support
My coaching with an AVGS voucher was really a great experience. Matthias Härter knew how to respond to my individual situation and to optimally support me in questions of career reorientation, application training and work-life balance. He also managed to make me think differently about upcoming decisions. He was also very flexible when it came to the topic design.
E. Schiller
 35 years
Focus on important professional fields
The coaching helped me to focus on the professional fields that are important to me. The various exercises / tasks have contributed to making the, in part, already existing knowledge of one’s own strengths more visible. Although we had to start the coaching digitally, I felt that Heike Sohna had picked me up and understood me very well. She always had my desired goal in mind and still there was enough time to devote herself to the topics that only emerged through the new input.
N. Grieb
 36 years

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