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In the onboarding coaching we are at your side in the first months in the new job, for advice and as sparring partners:innen. We are happy to answer any questions, concerns and fears you may have about this challenge and your new role.

Probationary Coaching

On-the-job coaching: Successfully through the probationary period

The probationary period in a new job is often associated with great uncertainty, especially after a period of unemployment. Our onboarding coaching accompanies you through this time.

In individual coaching, our professional coaches provide you with on-the-job support during the first exciting months in your new job.


The application phase has successfully ended – now a new job begins. The probationary period is a time of many changes: new tasks, a new team, new procedures, unwritten laws and much more.

This onboarding is exciting, but many people also find the first weeks and months at a new job stressful or even burdensome.

For some, old self-doubts come up: “Am I good enough? This is bound to go wrong again! I don’t belong, I don’t fit in here!”

With our coaching during the probationary period, professional support is available to help you get through this challenging time well and successfully.

Topics in onboarding coaching

Coming to terms with the past: clear your head for something new, process negative experiences, pacify old resentment and conflicts.

  • Analyzing reasons for past failures, name fears about the new employment relationship
  • Confronting old patterns and habits that may have led to conflict or accumulation of mistakes in previous jobs – or even job loss.
  • Fears regarding your new job – naming fears of failure and dealing with them constructively
Coach & Coachee mit rotem Faden zur Vergangenheitsbewältigung

Design the new job, really arrive in the new team and master challenges.

  • Integration into the team – actively networking, feeling a sense of belonging
  • Feeling your own competence, feel more satisfaction at work
  • Understanding and being able to fit into the culture of the new company
  • Dealing with difficult team constellations
  • Dealing with missing handover and other obstacles
  • Dealing with uncertainty after a long break from work – whether due to family time, illness, unemployment or other reasons.

Recognize and actively address stress

  • Time management, dealing with stress and burnout prevention
  • Finding a good work-life balance
  • Dealing with stressful attitudes, goals and behaviors
Coach & Coachee mit rotem Faden zur Vergangenheitsbewältigung

Goals in onboarding coaching

Coachin in Beratung mit Kundin
  • During onboarding coaching, we are your professional partner for all questions, concerns and fears with regard to your new role. We provide you with advice and support at a time when you do not yet have your own network in the new company.
  • The most important goal is stabilization, which means: After an initial and completely normal phase of uncertainty in your new job, you feel more and more confident, trust in your strengths and competencies, feel connected to your new team, and can devote yourself to your professional tasks without the old self-doubt.
  • We work together to help you realize your full personal and professional potential in your new role.
  • In dialogue, we focus on your individual situation and develop solutions that you can put into practice, try out and then reflect on again in a joint discussion.

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