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In career coaching, we support you in discovering your own greatness and recognizing where you could put down roots.
And if life has a storm in store, you will know which inner source of strength will help you through this time.

Career Coaching Berlin

Our name SEQUOYA relates to a mighty tree

Sequoia trees are survival artists and can withstand any challenge – earthquakes, storms, lightning strikes,… If the trees are injured in the process, the deep-rooted giants of the forest activate their self-healing powers.

We want the same for you!

In career coaching we support you in discovering your own greatness and where you could put down roots. And if life has a storm in store, you will know which inner source of strength will help you through this time.

SEQUOYA Performance Career Coaching

What do we mean by career planning?

For us, career planning means actively shaping your professional development so that you can realize your strengths and your values within the framework of your work. So that work fits your life again – and not the other way around.

With our career coaching you will recognize

  • what you can do really well
  • what you really want
  • how to use both to find a job with meaning.

Our way of working

We accompany you in your career change in individual coaching sessions and stand by you every step of the way in your professional reorientation.

All career coaching sessions can either take place as live coaching in our offices in Berlin-Kreuzberg or online as a video call.

Our kickstart for your career coaching

Today, the development of one’s own personality is a decisive factor on the path to greater professional and private success. That’s why personality development is an integral part of all our coaching sessions.

To help you get to the core of where the greatest undiscovered potential of your personality lies even faster in career coaching, we have an additional offer for you: the Kickstart Coaching with the LINC Personality Profiler.

Here you can read more about our Kickstart-Coaching


Kickstart-Coaching mit LINC Personality Profiler

Possible topics in career coaching

Berufliche Weiterentwicklung

  • Reflection on the current professional situation and one's own values
  • Develop awareness of criteria for satisfaction in working life, develop professional goals, plan career steps.
  • Matching goals with personal strengths
  • Matching wishes and competencies with the situation on the labor market
  • Orientation to continuing education in order to achieve professional goals

Persönliche Weiterentwicklung

  • Personal inventory: what should stay, what should change?
  • Overcome fears that block professional and other developments
  • Developing awareness of personal strengths and competencies, recognizing the power of one's own biography
  • Expansion of competencies in the areas of self-leadership and time management
  • Improvement of own appearance, presence and authenticity
  • Improvement of social and communication skills

More satisfaction and personal well-being

  • Develop more composure, improve handling of stressful situations
  • Learning to treat yourself with love
  • Overcome fears
  • Coping with hurts from the past, feelings of guilt or shame
  • Manage conflicts better, professionally and privately
  • Balancing professional life with the other areas of life
  • Developing support structures for everyday (family) life

Find your place in professional life!

With our career coaching, you will find out what you personally understand by a fulfilling professional life and what you need for it. You know which decisions will bring you closer to your goal and find the courage to take the next step.

Concern clarification and location analysis

enable the development of a concrete action plan with goals, steps and concrete time planning for the professional reorientation

Profile development to increase your own potential

by raising awareness of key personal qualifications and creating a competence and interest profile

Coping with change situations with ease

and find a constructive way of dealing with external and internal pressure. Support in the design of a viable new professional design including the development of alternatives

Self-marketing and application strategy

suitable for the industry, company size and your personality. Use of the "hidden job market" and network activation

Application documents and certificate check

Creation of meaningful documents and online profiles for the application phase and including creation of job references for submission to the (former) employer

Score through job application training

rhetorical skills, self-presentation, body language, outfit and dealing with nervousness

Coaching for professional change requests of all kinds

Career coaching can help you with career reorientation and a variety of other challenges in your professional life.

Conflict Management

Conflicts at the workplace with colleagues or superiors

Decision management

Support in decision-making processes

Work-life balance

Work-life balance, stress reduction and burnout prevention

Self & time management

Better self management and time management


Preparation of presentations and speeches

Special offers for career coaching for job seekers

Are you unemployed or threatened by unemployment, for example because a project position is coming to an end? Then we have special coaching offers for you, which can be financed through the employment agency or the job center coaching. To do this, you apply for an activation and placement voucher (AVGS).

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Further services in the area Business Coaching

In executive coaching, we build on your strengths as a leader and help you find your leadership style, develop your full potential – and still have time and energy left for a life beyond work.