Teams learn through self-reflection and feedback. Effectiveness in teams can be hindered by tensions and unresolved conflicts. If team members try to exclude feelings and everything personal from the work, the team feeling and the joy of work and performance are often also impaired.

SEQUOYA Service Supervision

What is supervision?

Supervision is a regulated form of counseling and represents a work-, task- and solution-oriented reflection aid. It is a collegial consulting method and is intended to facilitate a constructive exchange between colleagues. In supervision sessions, problematic experiences, stressful experiences, difficult or conflictual situations can be discussed and different points of view can be exchanged with regard to possible solutions.

Examples of important issues

  • What is effective and can stay?
  • How can we improve our collaboration?
  • In what phases of work can personal differences challenge us?

Our methods

  • In our mix of methods, we target the cognitive as well as the emotional and physical levels of the person, because conscious change has been proven to lead to sustainable learning that is also applied in everyday life.
  • Resource- and solution-oriented consulting methods as well as proven tools are used.

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Further services in the area Human Resources Development

In-house training courses are seminars designed to develop and support your team. The aim is for employees to perform their tasks with even more competence and increased motivation after the in-house training, for example in sales, distribution or customer service.

A good team is like a bridge that makes it easy for employees to build an emotional bond with the company. One can also say: The whole is more than the sum of its parts.

In any case, a good team is one of the central criteria for success. A good team is also an important factor in why people like to come to work. So it pays off twice to invest in team development.