Change Management

We assist you with change management in your company or organization when major changes are imminent. Depending on your needs, we support executives, teams or the entire company. A neutral perspective and structured processes are change processes often the key to fathom problems, develop solutions and achieve results faster.

Accompaniment at every step of the change

A neutral perspective and structured processes are often the key in change processes to fathom problems, develop solutions and achieve results faster.

Whether a change project succeeds or fails depends very much on how the people who shape it are brought along.

We are happy to stand by you and your team from the beginning to initiate and accompany the change process. However, it is just as possible to call us in when a change process has already begun and you feel that external expertise could help to move the issues forward faster and/or better.

An important point in our work in change management is also to evaluate each step and adapt it to new conditions if necessary.

Possible topics for a change management process

  • Rapid growth of companies and related changes, e.g. new internal structures, new distribution of tasks, rapid increase in the number of employees and the need to quickly train and integrate many new employees.
  • Developing a powerful vision or mission statement
  • Restructuring: new formation of teams or departments, merging or separating locations
  • Changes in leadership: abrupt change in leadership, new leaders in key positions
  • Clarification of roles and responsibilities in teams / in the company
  • Conflict management, resolution of tensions in cooperation
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We support changes in practice and theory

No matter at which point of the change process you contact us: We always proceed analytically and empathically.

After a thorough consultation, we determine the specific need and create an individual proposal for you on how to proceed.

In the process of finding a solution, we are at your side every step of the way. As experts in change management, we also show you the theoretical framework of the topic.

We find best place for learning, thinking and developing for you

Within the framework of change management, we design strategy workshops, supervision or team coaching sessions for you, among other things, and also implement these measures.

This can either take place on-site at your company, or externally – in a specially selected room. We are happy to provide you with our comfortable and stylish rooms in Berlin Kreuzberg – as a place to learn, think and develop.


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Further services in the area Corporate Coaching

“unternehmensWert: Mensch” is a support program for small and medium-sized enterprises. It is about supporting change processes so that SMEs remain competitive. We look forward to supporting your company and your employees in adapting to demographic change and other changes in the world of work!

Our accompanied organizational development enables companies and institutions to achieve more personal responsibility, action and decision-making ability through change processes.