Executive Coaching

In executive coaching, we build on your strengths as a leader and help you find your leadership style, develop your full potential – and still have time and energy left for a life beyond work.

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Leadership coaching supports personal development in the field of leadership

As a manager, you are faceted to many challenges and are often the focus of different interests. Technically, most managers are excellent, the stumbling blocks are usually on other levels.

The further development of managers in the area of their personal and social skills is one of the most important levers for a powerful company. Leader coaching is the best support.

Goals in executive coaching

A particularly effective support for the personal development of executives is available through individual coaching. The topics of leadership coaching are based on the very individual challenges and questions of the respective person.

The goal is that managers fill their tasks in management and personnel management again professional, with energy and joy and take on a model role for your team.

Our approach to executive coaching

The increasing agilization of companies is also changing the role of managers. Our approaches in coaching fit both classic, hybrid and largely agile forms of business.

As coaches, we are sparring partners:inside at eye level who methodically guide the process and effectively support professional and personal development.

All executive coaching sessions can take place either as live coaching in our offices in Berlin-Kreuzberg or online as a video call.

Possible topics in executive coaching

  • Clarify own work role as a manager
  • Recognize competencies as a leader, strengthen personal and social competencies, characterize own leadership style
  • From team member to leader: appreciating the task as a challenge, avoiding stumbling blocks, seizing opportunities
  • Teaching effective methods for managing employees
  • Finding ways to confidently deal with difficult behaviors in employees as a manager.
  • Recognize and overcome self-sabotaging behaviors, let go of blocking beliefs
  • To perceive signals for conflicts in the team at an early stage, to get to know types of conflicts and suitable methods for counteracting them

Kickstart for your executive coaching

To help you get to the core of your personality’s greatest undiscovered potential even faster in executive coaching, we have an additional offer for you: Kickstart Coaching with the LINC Personality Profiler.

Here we use a scientifically based personality test, through which you and your coach can recognize what is really important to you more quickly than in other settings. In addition, you get further impulses for action, among other things for your communication, your working style, dealing with stress, and team issues.

Read more about our Kickstart Coaching here.

Mit dem Kickstart-Coaching wachsen Sie über sich hinaus und bekommen schnell einen guten Überblick über Ihre Entwicklungsfelder.

Development of individual programs for executive coaching in companies and organizations

Executive coaching can be a stand-alone measure, but it can also be part of an overall program in your company to continuously support and develop executives.

Coaching is also an excellent way to retain key performers in your company. It is also an important asset in recruiting. If you refer to your professional executive coaching program in job postings, it will set you apart from other companies and make you more attractive as an employer.

We would be happy to work with you to develop a training program for your company or organization that is tailored to your individual needs.

Suggestions for an in-house executive coaching program.

  • Ongoing one-on-one support for all high-level executives in the company / organization. This is a confidential setting to find solutions to individual challenges.
  • Team coaching for management to develop together and work on values and visions
  • Regular team supervision sessions to jointly overcome challenges in everyday professional life
  • Training programs for up-and-coming talent to develop them into managers
  • Support for new managers at the beginning of their new job, to help them in their new role and the challenges that come with it

Ihr individuelles Programm zum Führungskräfte-Coaching

  • Shaping a common leadership culture: developing visions and guiding values for the company / organization, developing team culture and optimizing team meetings
  • Understanding of internal communication structures and processes
  • Develop structures and processes for dealing with conflicts in the management team, with or among employees, with customers or other external parties.
  • Development of common tools for personnel management (e.g. structured process of annual reviews) and motivation of employees
  • Dealing with changes in professional life and decreasing predictability of the economic situation
  • Developing solutions for tricky leadership problems, individually or as a joint task

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Further services in the area Business Coaching

To help you get to the core of where the greatest undiscovered potential of your personality lies even faster in coaching, we have an additional offer for you: the Kickstart Coaching with the LINC Career Profiler, a scientifically based personality test.

In the onboarding coaching we are at your side in the first months in the new job, for advice and as sparring partners:innen. We are happy to answer any questions, concerns and fears you may have about this challenge and your new role.

In job coaching, we support you in discovering your own greatness and recognizing where you could put down roots.
And if life has a storm in store, you know which inner source of strength will help you through this time.