Organizational Development

Our accompanied organizational development enables companies and institutions to achieve more personal responsibility, action and decision-making ability through change processes.

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Possible topics for your organizational development

  • How can successful communication structures be established and optimized to ensure a better flow of information?
  • How can the working atmosphere be promoted and an effective "we" feeling be created?
  • How can mistakes be used to learn from them?
  • How can a feedback culture be developed in which achievements are recognized and critical feedback provides opportunities for change?
  • How can mutual appreciation, trust and an open culture of discussion be (further) promoted?
  • How do multinational constellations succeed and how can the resources available here be worked out and used?
  • How can cooperation between the levels and areas succeed better and distances be reduced?
  • How can conflicts be managed and everyone's ability to deal with conflict be improved?
  • How can the performance, i.e. competencies, motivation health and flexibility of all employees be maintained and professional ideas be linked to the requirements of the organization?
Sequoya Organizational Development

Our methods

  • We support your organizational development as facilitators, coaches, consultants or impulse givers. Our methods are diverse.
  • In addition to group and various moderation methods, above all resource-oriented work is widely used.
  • Methods that help to model structures or processes, such as business games, organizational constellations and future scenarios, have also proven their worth.

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Further services in the area Corporate Coaching

“unternehmensWert: Mensch” is a support program for small and medium-sized enterprises. It is about supporting change processes so that SMEs remain competitive. We look forward to supporting your company and your employees in adapting to demographic change and other changes in the world of work!

We assist you with change management in your company or organization when major changes are imminent. Depending on your needs, we support executives, teams or the entire company. A neutral perspective and structured processes are change processes often the key to fathom problems, develop solutions and achieve results faster.