Start-up coaching with AVGS voucher – in Berlin & online

The start-up coaching provides the necessary skills for successful self-employment. We accompany you professionally during a concrete start-up process so that you can comprehensively build up your entrepreneurial existence. The appointments can take place in Berlin or nationwide as online coaching.

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Successfully self-employed through start-up coaching

Stress und Burnout

At the beginning of every business start-up is an idea and a lot of questions:

  • Do my start-up projects carry?
  • Do I have what it takes to be entrepreneurship?
  • How do I get a start-up grant?
  • How much sales do I need?

For these and more questions, we support you as a founder with professional individual coaching.

The coaching sessions can take place on-site in Berlin or digitally, as an online meeting.

For whom is our founder coaching suitable?

Our coaching for business start-ups can take place live in Berlin or as online consulting. The only requirement is: You already have a start-up idea.

  • If you want to take up self-employment out of unemployment, our start-up consultancy in Berlin can even be 100% supported by the employment agency. This applies to both on-site consulting in Berlin and online sessions.

    We are happy to support you in applying for the necessary activation and placement voucher (AVGS)SEQUOYA is a certified carrier for this measure.

  • Our coaches accompany entrepreneurs with a concrete business idea step by step in the start-up phase to get their offer ready for the market, including support with forward-looking decisions, the business plan and getting the necessary financing, for example through a government grant.
  • Self-employed people or freelancers from Berlin or any other place in the world who want to take the next step in their business can also benefit from our start-up coaching.
  • We can also support you if you want to consolidate your already established start up company.

If you want to start your own business, but do not yet know exactly with what, our career coaching is better suited for you.

Unemployed people can also take advantage of special AVGS career coaching, which is funded by the employment agency.

What is the goal in coaching to start a business?

The start-up coaching is an introduction to self-employment and provides the necessary skills for the successful establishment of your own business. You can come to our office in Berlin or attend the consultation from home as an online appointment. The goal is for you to develop a new professional perspective for yourself and to build up your entrepreneurial existence securely.

During the start-up process we accompany you professionally, with many years of experience and in-depth knowledge of a wide range of business sectors.

If self-employment ultimately proves to be unsustainable, we work together to find professional alternatives.

Ziele im Gründungs-Coaching

What services are included in our start-up coaching?

Schneiderin arbeitet mit Leder

As business coaches with sound experience, we know that starting a business raises questions in two major areas:

  • Questions about business and everything that belongs to entrepreneurship
  • Questions about yourself. We take emerging self-doubt seriously, they are an important signal. Excessive fear, however, is a sure brake on success. Together we will find a good way!

How do we help with business development?

  • Development of business models and concretization of business ideas
  • Decision-making with two or more ideas, including market exploration and reality check
  • Calculation: costs, prices, sales, profitability, investments, financing, liquidity
  • Develop appealing pitch decks for investors
  • Business plan: concept and text
  • Answer to relevant questions on administrative topics: taxes, accounting, insurance,…
  • Apply for start-up grant

How do we support founders with personal challenges?

We help founders to develop their founder personality. We accompany them in recognizing and trusting their strengths and talents, work with them on self-marketing and support them in communicating their own business.

We set the focus individually, it depends on the personal challenges the coachee or coachees face in the start-up process. Possible topics:

  • Developing out the unique combination of competences and experience
  • Relieving the belief “I have to do it alone”: becoming aware of existing networks, recognizing sociability as an important resource, researching supporting (online) communities or mastermind groups
  • clarifying compatibility of family and (new) independence. What needs to change in everyday life so that there are capacities for both? Who will take over which tasks in the future, where external support is necessary – if necessary also in household management?
  • Strengthen resilience in order to be prepared for stress phases
  • Strengthening leadership skills: self-leadership, time management, leadership of employees

How do we work at SEQUOYA in business start-up coaching?

  • We accompany founders with an external perspective. Either as live coaching in our offices in Berlin. Or as online coaching from anywhere in the world. We are sometimes coaches and sparring partners, sometimes advisors and sometimes mentors.
  • Joint approach at eye level, gladly also involving the founding/leadership team
  • Holistic view of individual and corporate success with impact and relevance in practice
  • Strength-oriented coaching with a special focus on the personality of entrepreneurs
  • We bring our extensive industry and market experience to bear in Berlin
  • We are empathetic, because our start-up coaches also have experience themselves with the challenges of starting a business - financially, professionally, personally.

How do we help with business development?

  • Development of business models and concretization of business ideas
  • Decision making for two or more ideas, including market exploration and reality check
  • Calculation: costs, prices, sales, profitability, investments, financing, liquidity
  • Developing appealing pitch decks for investors
  • Developing appealing pitch decks for investors
  • Business plan: Concept and text
  • Answer to relevant questions on administrative issues: Taxes, accounting, insurance,...
  • Apply for start-up grant

Start-up coaching explained step by step

We support you from start to finish. If you live in Berlin, gladly as live coaching in our offices.

In dialog we focus on your personal situation and accompany you professionally in AVGS individual coaching – in personal appointments in Berlin or from anywhere in the world as a virtual meeting. You can find more information about the process on our AVGS coaching page.

Step 1
The requirement

Your founding idea

Step 2
The AVGS voucher

If you obtain an AVGS voucher from the employment agency/job center, the coaching is free of charge for you.

Step 3
The location of coaching

The coaching sessions take place either in our consulting rooms or directly at your workplace. Online meetings are also possible.

Step 4
Content of the coaching

We determine the exact contents together depending on your personal needs and your agreement with the cost unit (e.g. the employment agency).

Reality check: Checking the start-up idea

  • Does the founding idea work? Does it solve a relevant problem for a target group? Is there a working prototype, is there well-founded expertise for the service?
  • Analyze founder personality: Is self-employment the right thing to do? Can the founder inspire others with the idea?
  • SWOT-Analyse
  • Reflection of entrepreneurial skills such as risk-taking, willpower or self-management
Roter Faden im Coaching

Building a foundation: Plan foundation idea

Ideensammlung im Coaching
  • Development of market positioning and market entry strategy
  • Creation of a business plan
  • Product development – planning and review of competitiveness
  • Identification of the target group and their needs with regard to the product or service
  • Development of marketing and pricing strategies

Consider route to destination: Develop implementation strategy

  • Financing: calculation, investment, profitability, liquidity, public funding
  • Long-term financial planning and investment planning including checking the debt servicing ability
  • Personnel planning and organization
  • Choice of the appropriate legal form
  • Concrete action plan, to-do list
  • Preparation or, if necessary, adaptation of the business plan
  • Issuance of the load capacity certificate
  • Marketing strategy, other ways of acquiring customers and orders
Hand hält Figur für den nächsten strategischen Schritt im Gründungscoaching

At every step: personal accompaniment

Coachin lacht mit Kundin

We set the focus and methods so that our support is optimally tailored to your personal situation and becomes a real enrichment. For this purpose, we meet live in Berlin or online in a video call.

The topics are as individual as you are: support with personal blockades, concretization of implementation steps, exchange on tricky questions of detail, advice on difficult decisions.

Additional option Challenger Fast Track

Challenger Fast Track is a digital track with individual coaching for ambitious entrepreneurs who want to take their personal and entrepreneurial success into their own hands and put it on a sustainable, stable foundation as quickly as possible – flexibly, digitally and holistically. You get:

  • up to 10 tracks incl. Personal Profile, Business Profile and Realization Plan
  • up to 16 tools incl. templates and instructions, which you can use as often as you like
  • individual online coaching by a certified coach
Challenger Fast Track Prozess

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Further services in the area AVGS Coaching Berlin

Since July 2023, the employment agency and job center have supported individual one-on-one coaching. The basis for this is the holistic support according to § 16k SGB II. If you have an AVGS, this coaching can be funded 100 percent as a voucher measure.
Our AVGS coaching offers you support in your professional reorientation and accompanies you through the application process. The appointments can take place in Berlin or nationwide as online coaching. Find out more without obligation in a free initial consultation!