Due to the current pandemic situation, our coaching sessions currently take place mainly online or by phone. Should coaching sessions take place in person, we will adhere to the 2G+ and/or 3G+ rules. Thank you for your understanding

Start-Up Coaching (with AVGS voucher)

Successfully Self-Employed.

Start-up coaching strengthens you with your personal business idea!

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Every start-up starts with an idea and usually a lot of questions: Can you make a living from it? Do I have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Under what conditions do I receive a start-up grant? Does my financial plan also convince the bank?

The start-up coaching conveys the necessary skills for successful self-employment. The aim of start-up coaching is to develop a new professional perspective and to accompany you professionally during a specific start-up process so that you can build up your entrepreneurial existence comprehensively. If self-employment ultimately turns out to be unsustainable, we will look for career alternatives together.

Target group

The start-up coaching is aimed at people who have a specific business idea. Then we will help with the following topics:

Your advantages with SEQUOYA:

The common thread in start-up coaching.

Review of the founding idea- Reality check

teamwork and cooperation concept

Planning the start-up idea- building a foundation

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Ans Ziel Kommen

Defining an implementation strategy- how to get there

Personal Accompaniment.

Depending on the concerns, we set the priorities and methods so that our support is a real enrichment for you – be it personality-related issues or the specification of implementation steps through to tricky detailed questions and decision-making situations.

Do you lack the necessary clarity and power for your business idea?Please contact us.