Offers & Prices

Coaching for people who want to change the world. Support for companies and organizations facing challenges in their day-to-day work and in comprehensive change processes.
SEQUOYA prices

Coaching fees

Package prices for private individuals (net)

  • Individual coaching session for private individuals 160,00 €

    60 minutes, excl. VAT

Package prices

  • 60 minutes per session, prices excl. VAT

  • 3 sessions, 10% discount 432,00 €
  • 6 sessions, 15 % discount 816,00 €
  • 9 sessions, 20 % discount 1.152,00 €
  • Coaching on returning to work for parents on parental leave, 3 sessions - 20 % discount 384,00 €

Business coaching for specialists and managers

Many companies and organizations want to provide employees with targeted business coaching as part of their personnel development. We will be happy to draw up a customized offer that best suits your requirements and the conditions in your company.

Our fee depends, among other things, on the number of sessions and the number of people involved.

Please contact us and we will clarify all open questions together. On this basis, we calculate a fair package price for you, in which we transparently set out services and costs.

Online special for students

  • Online package (3 x 45 minutes) 150,00 €

    excl. VAT

Special for students and graduates of an artistic university

  • 3 sessions (3 x 60 minutes) 450,00 €

    including VAT


We ask students, employees on short-time work and parents on parental leave for appropriate proof, then you can book our specials at a discounted price.

In exceptional cases, we offer a price scale based on income so that we can find a solution to suit your individual needs.

For the unemployed and those at risk of unemployment: Please contact us if you would like support with your professional reorientation. Your coaching can be 100% funded via a so-called activation and placement voucher (AVGS). We will be happy to advise you!

Corporate Coaching

Individual consulting for companies and organizations

Our business coaching sessions are as unique as your project. Let’s talk so that we can get to know the specifics of your business and your desire for change. Based on this, we will create a customized offer for you.

As part of organizational development, we can help you, for example, to find and live your corporate values, improve internal communication and deal constructively with mistakes and feedback.

We can also assist you with change management processes. Our expertise, combined with structured processes, is often the key to identifying problems, developing solutions and achieving results faster.