SEQUOYA Coaching for people who want to change the world

We accompany people and organizations in change processes

In our individual coaching sessions, we help you discover resources and engage in new experiences. We support you in actively shaping your professional development so that work and the other areas of life are in harmony.

We also approach corporate coaching on a systemic level. Every person, every team, every internal structure has a share in the overall result. When accompanying development processes in organizations, it is therefore important for us to involve all levels appropriately so that the change becomes a joint success.

Corporate Coaching
For companies that are ready for the next step
Business Coaching
For people who want to develop their career
Sponsored Coaching (AVGS)
For job seekers with AVGS voucher
Human Resources Development
Create a pleasant working atmosphere to retain skilled workers!
Conception and moderation of workshops, team retreats or meetings
Workshops and seminars for personal development and networking

Your advantages with SEQUOYA

Our flexibility

We find appointments when and where it suits you. All sessions can take place either in our office in Berlin-Kreuzberg, as online coaching via video call or on the phone.

Our team

We are as diverse as the neighborhood our office is in. For your coaching or development in your company, you can choose who you want to work with from over 15 competent coaches.

Our professionalism

Our coaches have completed a certified training and are specialized in accompanying change processes in a professional context.

Our enthusiasm

Your goal is our goal. And when you reach a milestone in our company, we are at least as pleased as you are.

Our modern attitude towards career

We coach people who want to change the world. By career we mean actively shaping your professional life to find a job with meaning that fits your strengths, your values and your lifestyle.

Our special know-how

We have been assisting people in Berlin with career changes since 2012. We know the ins and outs of the Berlin job market and are very well connected.

Corporate Coaching

The market and industry-specific conditions are changing rapidly these days. Much can be flexibly compensated by day-to-day business, but sometimes it is time for a major change. It is our pleasure to support companies and organizations in this change process with our expertise.

We call it corporate coaching because our attitude is similar to career coaching for individuals: A company is like a living organism. There are strengths and weaknesses, changes require energy and can cause inner resistance, and a lot of other emotions surface in the process.

We are here for you...

  • ...wenn Sie unglücklich im Job sind, aber nicht wissen, was die Alternative ist
  • ...wenn Sie sich weiter entwickeln möchten, aber unsicher sind, was für Sie das richtige ist
  • ...wenn Sie Angst haben vor Bewerbungsgesprächen
  • ...bei allen anderen Themen im Berufsleben, zu denen Sie sich für sich selbst eine Veränderung wünschen

Business Coaching

We accompany you in individual one-on-one coaching sessions empathically and professionally in your career change. We offer career coaching that helps you identify what you’re really good at, what you really want and how to use both to find a job with meaning. Experienced career coaches support you in broadening your perspective and finding the courage to break new ground.

We are here for you...

  • ...if you are unhappy in your job but do not know what the alternative is
  • ...if you would like to develop further, but are unsure what is right for you
  • ...if you are afraid of job interviews
  • ...for all other topics in your professional life for which you wish a change for yourself

Sponsored Coaching in English (with AVGS voucher)

With the activation and placement voucher (AVGS) from the employment agency or job center, job seekers receive free individual career coaching with us. You can choose from our team which of our coaches best suits you and your personal situation.

Job Coaching

We support you in individual coaching during your professional orientation and your (re-)entry into professional life. With us you will overcome inner blocks, recognize your strengths and learn how to present yourself optimally in the application process.

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Start-Up Coaching

If you would like to start your own business from unemployment, we will provide you with competent support. We support you in individual coaching sessions to successfully implement your business idea.

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Recurring Event

Digitales Coaching Angebot für Gründer:innen

Der Challenger Fast Track ist ein digitaler Track mit individuellem Coaching für ambitionierte Unternehmer:innen, die ihren persönlichen und unternehmerischen Erfolg selbst in die Hand nehmen und möglichst schnell auf ein nachhaltig stabiles Fundament stellen wollen.

Was bietet Ihnen der Challenger Fast Track?

✓ 10 Tracks zu Personal Profile, Business Profile und Realization Plan.

✓ 16 Tools inkl. Vorlagen und Anleitungen, die Sie so oft nutzen können, wie Sie möchten

✓ individuelle Zeiteinteilung bei der Bearbeitung der Tracks

✓ individueller, wöchentlicher Start möglich

✓ individuelles Online-Coaching möglich

Recurring Event

Erfolgsteam für AVGS-Coachees

Diese Veranstaltungen ist für Menschen, die bei SEQUOYA ein AVGS-Coaching abgeschlossen haben. Jedes Treffen hat einen inhaltlichen Schwerpunkt. Zusätzlich ist Raum für offene Fragen und Anliegen aller Art, die sich im Zusammenhang mit den eigenen Bewerbungen ergeben.

Recurring Event

Erfolgsteam für AVGS-Coachees

Diese Veranstaltungen ist für Menschen, die bei SEQUOYA ein AVGS-Coaching abgeschlossen haben. Jedes Treffen hat einen inhaltlichen Schwerpunkt. Zusätzlich ist Raum für offene Fragen und Anliegen aller Art, die sich im Zusammenhang mit der neuen Stelle und dem eigenen Leben ergeben.

What our customers say about us

The coaching helped me to focus on the professional fields that are important to me. The different exercises / tasks have helped to make the partly already existing knowledge about the own strengths more visible.

N. Grieb (36)
Aspiring medical doctor

I am grateful for this experience and the coach, Ms. Grafenthien, who guided and accompanied me through the uncertain path of my questions. She has brought light and thanks to her I now have the possibility to address myself to the specific direction of the work I want to do.

C. Piccillo
Tourism Manager