Due to the current pandemic situation, our coaching sessions currently take place mainly online or by phone. Should coaching sessions take place in person, we will adhere to the 2G+ and/or 3G+ rules. Thank you for your understanding

Online Coaching

New situation - New ways.

In these extraordinary times we are all confronted with many questions where a meta perspective, reflection and strategic thinking bring new clarity and stabilization. We would be happy to advise you virtually!

Popular coaching focuses

Build resilience

Successful handling of stress, developing and building resilience, perceiving and eliminating symptoms of stress and improving self-control - this complex of topics moves many coachees.

Stress management

Stress management provides strategies to reduce or reduce the feeling of stress in order to maintain well-being and performance. In modern society, learning to deal with stress is inevitable. In the current global situation, there are additional new stress triggers.

Work-Life-Body-Mind Balancing

Work-life balance includes the three words work, life and equilibrium, and many people currently feel that this balance has gotten off course. The demarcation between work and private life is becoming blurred and there is a lack of support systems.


The solution of deadlocked conflicts - whether professional or private - is a frequent coaching event with the aim of broadening one's own perspective and developing solutions to pacify the conflict.

Decision making

Life means making decisions again and again: for or against a partnership, for or against a job offer or cooperation. Many people feel overwhelmed by this either-or situation and doubt the correctness of their considerations. Coaching improves your own decision-making power.

Determine your position, find goals

Goals give direction and meaning to our life. That is why it is important to always take stock of your current position and realign your own goals. With a “freshly adjusted personal navigation system” there is often a leap in creativity and vitality.

Self-strengthening and self-confidence

It's about building positive and realistic views about yourself, a situation and other people. Confident people have a sense of control over their lives and believe that they are able to make their plans come true. They can calm their "inner critic" and have the courage to say no.

Focus topics for specialists and executives

Management in crisis mode

What do the individual target groups in the teams need? What are suitable measures for overburdened people an the ones with insufficient challenge? How can the economic situation be cushioned?

Leadership Development

How does virtual leadership and communication work? What can online tools do and how can they be used effectively? How does team development work with online meetings and home offices?

Improve self and time management, strengthen potential

How can balancing self and time management be built up, structures established and useful behavior strengthened? What should you watch out for in the home office?

Practice transfer after training and further education

Applying what has been learned in concrete management and everyday situations, designing individual learning transfer, sustainability of the investment in training and further education

My first management job and (virtual) onboarding processes

From colleagues to superiors, meetings, employee appraisals, situational leadership, motivating employees, forming and developing teams. The first 100 days - start right.

Courage to change.

As coaches, we see our task in developing solutions with you in discussions. At the same time, as a coaching team, we are also an important multiplier for best practices, i.e. specific tips that will help you as a person and as a manager.

We are at your side via video chat or on the phone. By the way: we have been working in virtual coaching formats for a long time and are certified in this area.

Contact us!We would be happy to advise you virtually.