Christian Skibbe
Christian Skibbe.

“The solution is already waiting – let’s pick it up.” That is the basic attitude with which Christian Skibbe accompanies his clients from business and politics. The first step towards the goal is to uncover potential. They are developed into a reliable resource through conscious trial and error. This learning process leads to new ideas, possible solutions and a development of the personality. The way there is often unfamiliar and also challenging. He is available as an appreciative and mature companion and humorous sparring partner.


  • Business Coach (systemic-constructivist)
  • Rhetoric coach for management and politics
  • Personnel developer
  • Speech scientist (M.A.)
  • Actor


English, German

Focus Topics

Communication, presentation, rhetoricDecision and goal settingLeadership developmentSelf-strengthening, reflection, resources and potentialSupport with professional orientationTeam building & team development

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Virus Shield
From now on, our coaching sessions will again take place in person upon request. In doing so, we adhere to the so-called GGG rules: vaccinated, recovered or tested. Please note that for physical encounters you have to bring a proof of your complete vaccination (2 weeks after the 2nd vaccination date) or your corona infection max. 6 months ago or a negative test. For safety reasons, the distance rules and the obligation to wear a mask still apply.