Hanja Kalkner


Hanja Kalkner has been working as a systemic coach & independent strategy consultant since 2014. Over the past 15 years, she has been able to get to know many facets of the colorful business world as a manager, from young start-ups to incubators/accelerators, international e-commerce companies, traditional corporations and advertising agencies.

While the leadership challenges were often similar, the possible careers and paths to them were very different depending on the type and phase of the company.

As a coach specializing in career & leadership development, Hanja Kalkner also makes use of this broad experience in her coaching & consulting mandates.

She not only loves to support her clients in reflecting on and defining their "inner" career ego by means of values, competencies and vision work, but also to support them with her know-how from strategic marketing & brand management in translating this into an outwardly effective individual personal brand.

A trusting environment and fun working together are equally important to her.

Hanja Kalkner


  • certified systemic staff & Business Coach
  • Certified Agile Transformation Manager
  • 9 years working as Career & Leadership Coach
  • 15 years of experience as a manager in start-ups, incubators, corporations, agencies
  • Brand & Marketing communications expert
  • Business administration graduate


English, German

Focus areas

Communication, presentation, rhetoricDecision and goal settingLeadership developmentSelf-strengthening, reflection, resources and potentialSeminars, workshops, moderationStart-up coachingStrategic career planningSupport with professional orientationTeam building & team development