Expand and deepen female competencies in the job in a targeted manner

A seminar for women in specialist and managerial roles

The seminar is aimed at female specialists and managers who want to expand their skills in order to gradually take on (even) larger areas of responsibility.

One of 8 exclusive seats is available for you.

Core topics of the seminar

  • Recognize dysfunctional and limiting patterns of thought and action
  • Empowerment for larger areas of responsibility and reduction of fears
  • Professional career planning according to personal strengths including an implementation plan
  • Understand male behavior at work better
  • Access to the latest scientific results from gender and diversity research
  • Exchange of experiences in a protected space


Impulse lectures, team work to identify limiting patterns, development of talent maps and target scenarios, reflection and access to resources and sources of strength

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Expand and deepen female competencies in the job in a targeted manner
Day 1:
Sat., 20.11.2021
– 09:30 am
- 19:00 pm
Day 2:
Sun., 21.11.2021
– 09:00 am
- 17:00 pm


Gebühr pro Teilnehmer:
750,- € zzgl. MwSt.
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