Arinze Odenigbo

Founding consultant

As a consultant and lawyer with many years of experience in start-up and management consulting, Arinze understands the unique opportunities and challenges that entrepreneurs face.

His aim is to offer advice that is accessible to all, protecting creative visions and laying the foundations for operational growth. With his comprehensive expertise in media, contract and corporate law, he covers topics in the early start-up phase in particular, so that entrepreneurs can concentrate on what is really important: Leading your company to success.

He is a valuable contact not only for questions about the appropriate legal form, but also for questions about the business model, market positioning and pricing based on his own start-up experience.


  • Founding consultant
  • Lawyer for trademark and media law, contract and distribution law as well as data protection and corporate law
  • Lecturer for online marketing and e-commerce law
  • Workshops, Moderation und Fazilitation


English, German

Focus areas

Change managementSales consultingSeminars, workshops, moderationStart-up coachingStart-up consulting