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Djuke Nickelsen

Corporate Communucation

Djuke Nickelsen is responsible for the concept and implementation of strategic corporate communications at SEQUOYA and ensures that our complex and multi-layered work is communicated to the outside world in a way that is easy to understand. Marketing also falls within her area of responsibility.

One of her great talents is to select the most suitable ideas from the large meadow of growing ideas at SEQUOYA and to put them together into beautiful bouquets. This is the best way to convey our ideas to those for whom the offer is intended.

Djuke Nickelsen has a degree in political science, is a trained journalist and certified fundraiser. She has many years of experience working for and with non-profit organizations, communications agencies and the multi-faceted Berlin political establishment. Clear, creative language is her passion, and she especially loves a surprising combination of words and images.

She has a Master's degree in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and is training to become an NLP Master Coach alongside her work at SEQUOYA.

Djuke Nickelsen


English, German

Focus areas

Change managementCommunication, presentation, rhetoricDecision and goal settingSelf-strengthening, reflection, resources and potentialStrategic career planningStress, self and time managementSupport with professional orientationWork-live-body-mind balance