Ula Kaminsky


Ula Kaminsky is a life and business coach, change manager, graduate communication designer and creative director. Her mission is to see change as an opportunity for personal and professional identity development.

The strength of Ula Kaminsky lies in activating your potential and your self-efficacy so that you can develop new perspectives and strategies for your personal and professional success. She says: "If you know who you want to be personally and professionally, know your purpose in life, have defined your vision and values, are aware of your abilities and your behavior, have clarified your goals and act accordingly - then your dream can become reality."
In coaching, Ula Kaminsky creates a trusting and tolerant space in which you can consciously connect with yourself and reflect on your concerns. It encourages you to think in a solution-oriented manner and accompanies you from the definition of the goal to the vision to action.
Through her experience as a business coach & Creative Director in agencies from Berlin to Beijing, Ula Kaminsky is familiar with the digital business world. She loves to use her brand identity development experience to create and sharpen personal and professional profiles, develop strategic career planning and build new self-promotional strategies.

Ula Kaminsky


  • Certified Life & Business coach, trainer and change manager
  • NLP practitioner
  • Dipl. Communication designer, creative director, brand consultant
  • Online Business Coach
  • Brand mentor: Successful brand Me: How do I build up my brand digitally!


English, German, Polish

Focus areas

Change managementCommunication, presentation, rhetoricConflict managementDecision and goal settingLeadership developmentOnboarding CoachingResilience coachingSelf-strengthening, reflection, resources and potentialSeminars, workshops, moderationStart-up coachingStrategic career planningStress, self and time managementSupport with professional orientationTeam building & team developmentWork-live-body-mind balance