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With the activation and placement voucher from the employment agency or job center, job seekers and the unemployed receive individual and professional career coaching from certified providers such as SEQUOYA in Berlin.

SEQUOYA Sponsored Coaching

What is sponsored coaching via voucher?

With AVGS coaching, job seekers receive professional support from experienced coaches in their career reorientation and in the application phase. This measure is supported by the employment agency or the job center, namely via the so-called activation and placement voucher – AVGS for short.

With this voucher, you will receive free individual coaching tailored to your needs at SEQUOYA in Berlin. We support you in getting back on your feet professionally, advise you on suitable further training for new professional skills and work together with you on your strategy for job applications.

The following types of coaching can be funded 100% with an AVGS voucher: Job coaching, start-up coaching and onboarding coaching.

Our professional job coaching, which is supported by the AVGS voucher, provides you with free and individual coaching and paves the way to a new, professional future.

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Who can apply for an AVGS?

The target group for the activation and placement voucher (AVGS) includes:

  • Job seekers, unemployed people
  • Employees who have already been dismissed but are still working for the company
  • People who are at risk of unemployment
  • Employees in transfer companies
  • University graduates
  • Temporary employees whose contract has less than three months to run
  • Parents at the end of parental leave

If you are one of them, ask your employment agency for an AVGS to provide you with one-on-one coaching and reorientation and to prepare you optimally for (re)entering professional life.

There are different types of AVGS coaching that have different goals: a job and application coaching, a probationary period coaching and a start-up coaching. Decide which coaching best suits your individual situation. With us, you will be professionally accompanied in any case.

What are the goals of AVGS coaching?

The overarching goal of this measure is (re)integration into the labor market. As a certified provider, SEQUOYA offers you the following AVGS coaching courses.

Job and application coaching

We are at your side during the Josuche. Can take place in Berlin or nationwide as online coaching.

Job coaching with AVGS

Start-Up Coaching

Together with you, we develop a marketable concept from your business idea and support you in all aspects of business start-up

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Advantages of AVGS coaching

  • 100% funded. The payers are the Employment Agency or the Job Center and Pension Provider.
  • You can choose your:n AVGS coach yourself from our team from experienced coaches with high competence in the areas of professional reorientation, career planning, human resources, team and leadership development, business start-
  • Free initial consultation directly with the coach
  • Free choice of coaching form for job coaching: on site in Berlin or as online coaching
  • During the coaching process, the coach is your fixed contact person. Your contact person does not change, you only need to present your concerns to us once.
  • Individual one-on-one coaching
  • In addition, a contact person for all organizational questions
  • Multilingual offer in German, English, Italian and Spanish
  • Internal customer portal with a variety of exercises and worksheets as well as learning videos for independent work
  • Established cooperation network with central players in the labor market - especially in Berlin

Who is which AVGS coaching suitable for?

The situations and needs of our AVGS customers can be very different individually. Fortunately, there is a suitable solution for every person.

An employee is at risk of unemployment and wants to quickly find a new job.

Recommendation: Job coaching with AVGS

A manager is stuck in the job, sees no career prospects and now wants to start a start-up.

Recommendation: Start-up coaching with AVGS

A student graduate has completed her studies and cannot find her way into the desired industry.

Recommendation: Job coaching with AVGS

A job seeker has already sent 100 applications, but has still not received a commitment for a job.

Recommendation: Job coaching with AVGS

An academic is overwhelmed in his current job. He has lacked the motivation and meaning of the activity for a long time. He wants a redirection and help to find a new career goal.

Recommendation: Job coaching with AVGS

A humanities scholar has studied political sciences and has worked as a project manager in the event sector in recent years. Now he wants to build on his original study point

Recommendation: Job coaching with AVGS

How does AVGS coaching work?

The process for AVGS coaching consists of seven phases. We are happy to accompany you every step of the way – from applying for the coaching voucher to successful completion

Step 1: Personal interview with your employment agent

Ask your contact person at the employment agency or job center about AVGS coaching. Explain how the coaching will help you integrate into working life.

Step 2: Receipt of activation & placement voucher

Your employment agency will offer to issue an AVGS for the coaching measure. As a customer, you usually have a free choice of provider.

Step 3: Find a suitable provider for AVGS coaching

You choose a provider that offers the experience, qualifications and formats that fit your needs and that meets the requirements of the AVGS. SEQUOYA is certified for this measure.

Step 4: Preliminary coaching meeting

Non-binding preliminary talk with the coach at the selected provider. If you are interested, we will prepare an offer for you as the sponsor for the employment agency/job center.

Step 5: Application for & approval of AVGS Coaching

You conclude a coaching contract with us as the measure provider. The final approval is given by the employment agency or the job center.

Step 6: Your coaching begins

The coaching process starts by discussing the schedule - according to your concerns. We plan content and dates so that they fit your personal situation.

Step 7: Conclusion of the coaching

You receive your certificate of participation, and if necessary we recommend qualification options or continuation of the coaching. We take care of the financial processing as a measure provider in direct contact with the employment agency or the job center.

What types of AVGS coaching does SEQUOYA offer?

Job & Application Coaching

  • Professional (re)orientation
  • Potential analysis
  • Career prospects
  • Application strategy
  • Application documents
  • Job interviews
Our job coaching offers you support in career orientation and (re-)entry into professional life. Preparing and accompanying the application process can also be part of career coaching.
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Start-Up Coaching

  • Accompaniment through the foundation phases
  • Founder personality and business idea
  • Recht­liche Grund­lagen, Versicherungen und Steuern
  • Market and target group analysis
  • Market strategy and sales
  • Concept development and business plan
The start-up coaching provides the necessary skills for successful self-employment. We accompany you professionally during a concrete start-up process, so that you can comprehensively build up your entrepreneurial existence.
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Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching

  • innere Blockaden erkennen und lösen
  • konstruktiver Umgang mit Angst
  • emotionale Stabilität und Stressmanagement
  • eigene Potenziale und Kompetenzen erkennen
  • unterstützende Strukturen im Alltag schaffen
  • realistische Ziele definieren und Schritt für Schritt erreichen
  • Ideen entwickeln für die berufliche Zukunft
The individual coaching within the framework of the holistic support according to § 16k SGB II is a special help offer for unemployed people who have been looking for a job for a long time and have the feeling of a big inner blockade.
Zum individuellen Coaching mit AVGS

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