David Hentze


As a systemically trained coach, David Hentze supports his clients in developing their professional goals and working out a viable way to achieve them. Particularly in the process of professional orientation, he takes time for a resource-oriented inventory and focuses on the individuality of his clients. He also helps with the creation/revision of application documents and preparation for job interviews and assessment centers. Mr. Hentze works with an effective toolbox of methods that invites a change of perspective so that solutions can be developed and space for new fields of action can be created. Respect and appreciation in a relaxed and humorous atmosphere are very important to him.

David Hentze


  • Study of industrial engineering
  • Study of business psychology
  • Systemic coach (in training)


English, German

Focus areas

Decision and goal settingResilience coachingSelf-strengthening, reflection, resources and potentialStrategic career planningStress, self and time managementSupport with professional orientationWork-live-body-mind balance