Helge Hoffmann


In Helge Hoffmann you will meet an emphatic and humorous conversation partner who will engage with you and your current situation with an alert and non-judgmental view. He sees coaching as a creative process: through exploring your resources together and strengthening your potential, new perspectives and surprising solutions emerge from challenges and conflicts. His extensive field knowledge and wide-ranging experience
from more than 15 years of work in the creative and communication industry flow into the consultations.


  • Training as a certified design consultant and coach at the IGG in Berlin
  • Further training in organizational development and couples counseling
  • Communication designer with many years of work experience in various communication, internet and advertising agencies, publishers and start-ups


English, German

Focus areas

Decision and goal settingSelf-strengthening, reflection, resources and potentialStrategic career planningStress, self and time managementSupport with professional orientationWork-live-body-mind balance